The Tree Cutting Revolution

NA Glow in the Dark is a revolutionary new product designed to help tree cutting service and emergency tree removal companies during times when crews must work 24 hours a day to remove trees after natural disasters during the night time.  When an emergency storm, tornado, hurricane, or any other type of natural disaster hits, one of the problems facing cities are trees littering road ways, and falling onto infrastructures.  Tree cutting companies must work around the clock to ensure that emergency vehicles and other first responders can use the roads to get to victims and other places of importance.  This is just one reason why we created NA Glow in the Dark. Tree Removal USA, a pioneer in tree cutting services helped create NA Glow in the Dark, which is being hailed as the most revolutionary tree service product of our generation. This new product has the potential to save thousands of lives during natural disasters.

NA Glow in the Dark allows tree cutting crews to work through the night to maximize efficiency and get the streets clear.  This product works by lighting up and creating a glow around a certain work area.  It doesn’t need electricity which is key during emergencies due to power outages, and can allow emergency tree cutting companies to work from anywhere.  We are also creating products that light up tree cutting equipment such as pruners, ladders, saws, and many other pieces of equipment that tree cutting companies use.  Although our products are not out in stores just yet, be looking out for them soon at your nearest landscaping stores.

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